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This page is dedicated to those little nuggets of information that we all find useful. In this case on the particular subject of computers. Below is a list that will hopefully expand over time, either by tips that I find or contributions from people who visit the site. If you have something that you would like to contribute, and it can be verified, please send it to info@amethystweb.net. If you would like to remain anonymous, please indicate you wish to, else I will include you first name or a nickname (if it is not offensive).

I hope that you find some of the tips below helpful.

Tip #1:

The Forwarded E-mail
We have all received them. Warning... [more]

Tip #2:

Backing Up Data
The cost of large external storage devices... [more]

Tip #3:

Web-based E-mail Accounts
We-based e-mail accounts have many advantages... [more]

Tip #4:

Passwords & Identity Theft
Passwords are the virtual key to your world, in today’s...[more]
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Password Information (pdf file 600kb)

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