Web-based E-mail Accounts: We-based e-mail accounts have many advantages, anonymity, accessibility, portability are just three advantages.

Anonymity: User ISP provided e-mail account gives away 2 of 3 pieces of information needed to identify and possibly access your account details. It provides potential hackers with your ISP, your Username and all they need to try and guess is your password. However with a web-based e-mail you are not displaying your ISP Username.

Accessibility: As long as the computer you are on has access to the Internet via a browser you are able to access you e-mail.

Portability: If for some reason you changed ISP’s you e-mail account is not going to change.

Apart from the above reasons, having and extra e-mail account is ideal for signing up to posting board, forums, chat rooms as well as some of the other additional features that come with some accounts. A few of the accounts available are Google’s G-mail, Microsoft’s Hotmail Mail, Yahoo mail and many more. Microsoft’s Hotmail account is also part of the Microsoft Live ID that is used within certain areas of Windows 7. In the end the choice is yours.