Backing Up Data: The cost of large external storage devices is falling, so there is no excuse for not backing up your computer. Even if it is to have backups of your documents and those important family photos and videos that we all have now because of the digital revolution. But with the large external hard drives, you have the chance to back up of image you whole computer.

What would you rather, have an up-to-date back that you create in a couple of hours every couple of weeks (or more often) or swearing at yourself for loosing all that precious data.

You can even go the next step and have off-site storage which up until recently was only feasible for large businesses. You can use on-line or cloud backups to keep important data safe. You must keep in mind though that the data you transfer is counting toward you volume limit.

There are many ways of backing up small amounts of data, you could e-mail yourself the file to a web-based e-mail like Hotmail or G-mail, there are small cloud storage sites of a small amount of free storage like DropBox, and now iCloud offers a free storage. Both DropBox and iCloud can be expanded for a fee.