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Trivia Nights

A fun way to raise money, but to prepare the questions and associated table material can be time consuming, and then there is the issue of hosting the night.

At AmethystWeb we can help you with your Trivia Night. We can:

Prepare Questions: We can prepare and supply questions and associated material for the trivia night. Rounds can include:

The best configuration is 10 (ten) rounds, with two table sheets to entertain between rounds and score added. Estimated length, would be about 3 hours (depending on other formalities of the night)

An added variation to the standard Trivia Night would be to include a Final Question. This is where the teams can risk a value of their accumulated score on ONE final difficult question in a chance to win. This added feature could allow the last place team after the 10 rounds a chance to win. Note: If you were to choose this option, ensure that all participants are aware before the night, as this style of round can cause issues between participants and organisers if this twist is suddenly thrown up on them.

Hosting: Not sure you want to ask the questions? Do you want to join in the fun of answering? We can also do the hosting for you, asking the questions, getting people/teams involved and having fun on the night.

Please contact AmethystWeb with any questions you may have or if you wish to obtain a quote.

A percentage of the fee for any Trivia Nights booked will go to a Relay for Life group that AmethystWeb sponsors.

If you have any computer related issue that is not covered in any of the pages on this site, please Contact AmethystWeb with the details and we will happily try and provide you with assistance.

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