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On this page you will find Links and Resources to various computer related sites.

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Just a little note: There is no excuse now days for not backing up the data on your computer. With the price of large volume external hard drives coming down (a 1TB unit under $100), you can backup your whole computer operating system and data easily and still have room to spare. This will help to protect you from computer crashes, and will help you to be up and running again quickly with only a small amount of disruption and/or data loss.

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Portable Apps:

http://www.portableapp.com - A site containing various portable applications that can be ran from an USB device or placed on a Netbook. Apps can be ran individually or you can “install” the portable app platform that allows you to have a start menu style interface. The platform contains some already pre-installed apps including Open Office.

Pendrive apps:

http://www.pendriveapps.com - A site containing a lot of portable apps for an USB device


http://www.teamviewer.com - This is an application that enables you to remote assist people across the internet. However unlike something like VNC were the client computer has the app running in the background all the time, Teamviewer is only active when the client starts it, and then gives their ID and a randomly generated password. There is a free for home use version. Best of its type I have seen.URL: http://www.teamviewer.com


http://www.geocaching.com - an Outdoor Internet & Technology based activity.

More links and resources to come....


AmethystWeb get no payments from the above sites. They are just sites that have been determined useful and we wish to pass on. The Google searches and Ads are the only revenue raising links on this site.

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